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I am trying to decide between Canon 80D or 90D with 18-135 lens and a Canon Rebel T8i with 18-135 lens. I will be taking pictures of my kids at Cross Country meets, Lacrosse games and Basketball. I am sure I will also be taking pictures of the dogs and other events birthdays, zoo etc. Would any one be better than the others or all good options? Is there a different camera you would recommend?

I assume that you are referring to the 18-135 NanoUSM or the older STM version?  Both good lenses but after owning both, I sold the STM version as I thought the picture quality was a bit better and I know that the AF was faster on the NanoUSM version.

I have used the 18-135 for cross country quite a bit over the years and if it is like most courses where you can get pretty close it works quite well.  It might be a bit short on reach for lacrosse and if you are talking indoor basketball, it will not be fast enough.

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