Panasonic or Olympus? Can’t decide

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Panasonic or Olympus? Can’t decide

Hi there! I’m new to these forums, also have never owned a MFT camera. I’m looking for a small mft camera. It’s just to have as a fun camera, easy to carry around. I also want something with good ooc jpeg and good auto-mode since the missus will also be using it.

I’ve narrowed it down to a Panasonic GX880 (GF10) and an Olympus E-Pl10. I have been able to try them both out a bit during the past week but I stll have a hard time deciding so I am hoping I could get some help.

What I like about the Panasonic:

  • I like the Panasonic size more, its smaller, more compact, weighs less.
  • The AF on the Panasonic is noticeably better. That DFD sure does work.

What I like about the Olympus:

  • Olympus has In BODY stabilisation!
    I tried filming with both, did some walking also and it makes for a huge difference. The Panasonic had the 12-32 with ois but its film clip was very jerky compared to the Olympus.
  • I liked Olympus colors better, especially on auto. On the Panasonic auto mode, one can’t change the “photo style”, so no tweaking colors, saturation, sharpness etc. The Olympus has only default iEnhance on auto, can’t change anything there either but it already looks good! (This is more for the missus)
  • Olympus seems to be built better?
  • I like Olympus super control panel better than Panasonics quick menu.
  • Both seem to be targeted to similar demographics but the Olympus feels less limited in function, I’m not sure though.

I really want to like the Panasonic, the smaller size and better AF, but it seems that the Olympus is otherwise better (from my subjective point of view). Both have tilt screens and that’s good because that’s something we do want.

Can anyone help out, are there any other pros and cons between these two that you can share?

Is the Panasonic DFD AF or Olympus IBIS worth more having over the other?

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