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Re: A1 temptation, so...

Old Pirate wrote:

I don't need three cameras so do I trade my A7riv or A9ii? Anyone who has shot all three who would share their opinion I would appreciate.

I travel.

I love to shoot BIF.

Grandchildren portraits, and cameos, and their sports indoors and out are done alot in non Covid times.

I am leaning towards keeping the A9ii, but seeking opinions of others in the event this old man simply is missing the obvious.

Thank you for your input.

After some of my looking around. I have shot the A7iii for the last 3 years with no issue.  The A1 did interest me and still does.  One of the biggest extra expenses for the A1 is the memory card. To take full advantage of that $6500 body, and if you pay tax call it $7000 give or take is the CF fast cards seem like you need them over the sd uhs cards. So add a good $1000 more after buying 2,3,4 cards

Plus any more accessories to make it shine.   Most likely more hard drive space too

yes if you want the best of both worlds the A1.  For what you do the A7iii or A9ii

this is why I decided not to get the a7R iv.  I want high iso latitude and speed over a large file as the main benefit. 
If you are not making prints IMO it’s not needed. To that end I’ll agree it’s nice to have more room for cropping that way. 
SO I’ll say this because the A9ii and A1 were added and removed from the shopping cart MANY times.  Sleep on it. What areas are lacking. Better tripod, video accessories like a good microphone, lighting , carbon fiber tripod ?

further is it gas, I’d think you are really good where you are and you will a lot of money to kinda re-buy the same thing and maybe you need that , who knows. 
by your title A1 temptation you want lots of yes men but I think it’s GAS

If you want a different look and something different with first hand experience check out the Leica Q2.

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