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Re: A1 temptation, so...

Old Pirate wrote:

I don't need three cameras so do I trade my A7riv or A9ii? Anyone who has shot all three who would share their opinion I would appreciate.

I travel.

I love to shoot BIF.

Grandchildren portraits, and cameos, and their sports indoors and out are done alot in non Covid times.

I am leaning towards keeping the A9ii, but seeking opinions of others in the event this old man simply is missing the obvious.

Thank you for your input.

I'm not going to tell you theoretically what I'd do. I was in exactly this situation about a month ago. I'd had the A7R4 from late 2019, the A9II from mid 2020, and I got the A1. I sold the A9II, kept the A7R4.

My thinking was that I bought the A9II primarily for features which the A1 tops completely - the A1 is faster, has more powerful AF, and shows less rolling shutter. The A7R4 still has more pixels than the A1 (marginally, but still more), so the A1 is not a complete replacement for it.

I wanted a backup camera, so I kept the A7R4.

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