Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

IR1234 wrote:

MikeJ9116 wrote:

The main reason people want a R7 is because the 32mp APS-C sensor puts pixels on the target equivalent to an 80mp FF sensor. Also, BIF and other action shooters are clicking off frames at a ferocious pace and it is much easier to process and store 32mp images than 45mp images. Especially considering the advantages of the APS-C sensors crop factor regarding long telephoto shooting. There is a great need for a R7 for those who are into shooting long telephoto lenses.

That was my point about the 600 and 800s. Canon built two lenses that takes into account the crop. It's now 800mm on full frame with no crop, with an R6 and RP retaining at least 20MP from the 7D2. (Vs 100-400 with a 1.4x convertor. So f5.6 becomes f8, and anyone who has compared crop to ff knows you gain another 1.5 stops, f11 ff should appear around f6.3.)

Personally, I think the 600/800 lenses showed exactly where Canon were going, and I really think APS-C is dead at this point. We're over two years into RF at this point. The Canon R was September 2018. The 7D2 was September 2014

I don't see the 600mm/800mm lenses like you do.  They aren't ones serious BIF/action shooters will use due to the f/11 fixed aperture and STM focusing.  They are budget telephoto lenses for those who want to dabble with long telephoto shooting with FF R cameras or for people who can't won't use heavy, expensive long lenses.  I don't see them showing where Canon is going regarding the R7 or any other camera.

And I'm sure in an interview with someone from Canon, they even said the R6 was the 7D2 replacement.

Whoever said that doesn't know the reasons why the 7D series has such a following or why Canon put this camera in their DSLR lineup.  The R6 is not a replacement for a 32mp R7 type camera.  The same reason many FF DSLR users bought the 7D series cameras is the same reason many FF R camera owners will buy a R7 type of camera.

Ok, think about it from another perspective. APS-C was done because of cost, it's a cheaper sensor. It wasn't done for any other reason than that. But the low end camera market is being torn apart by phones. So why would you introduce a cheaper version of the R6 and introduce all the crop lens nonsense again?

I prefer to say an inexpensive sensor mostly due to its physical size increasing yield numbers from a single silicon wafer.  Cheap implies inferior and this isn't the case with APS-C sensors.  Especially the 32mp one from Canon.  The R7 isn't a cheaper version of the R6.  If anything the R6 is hopelessly trying to imitate the R7, or what it would be as a successor to the 7D series.

(And for the record I'm a huge fan of the 7D/7D2).

As am I and APS-C, in general.  There are many millions of APS-C users and many of them are waiting for APS-C cameras with an RF mount.  IMO, Canon would be crazy to not serve these people in the R system.  The M system will not serve them because Canon won't let it serve them.

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