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Yeah. Many Fuji fans bought in the Fujifilm management mindset to deny FF, and believe staying with APSC plus GFX is the only way to survive the game.

When all major brands are pushing FF, the FF noise and the voice share in the marketplace become much bigger over time via different channels. That will both directly and indirectly create more demands for the format. Talking about making business sense, this is how things work in real world.

That's a good point. Being almost alone in your segment gives the differentiation needed to make a profit, but you don't as much free marketing spillover from the 'neighbors'. However, it's misleading to see FF and APS-C and MF as different markets. They are part of one digital system camera market, with partially overlapping segments.

As the price and size of FF cameras and lenses are coming down, and choices expand aggressively, the advantage of the premium APSC will be disappearing gradually.

We hear you Fuji . The answer is GFX. But is this a true answer? Are GFX and FF really fighting for exact the same audience? Yeah, there are some target audience shared between the two group, but let’s face it Fuji and Fuji fans, the majority of it are not the same, unlike the base characters and needs shared between the APSC and FF users . It’s like someone attempt to sell the Thai durian to the Hawaii pineapple lovers and tell people that they have got the right answer to the Hawaii fruit market.

I am not saying staying with APSC only is a very bad idea for now. I am sure it will survive with that strategy. But will that mindset bring good win for the growth of the division in long run? That is questionable, especially when all major players are ramping up their design, R&D and marketing efforts for their mirrorless products with great deal of focus on FF.

Indeed Sony’s a7c and it’s compact lenses gave a wake-up call to Fuji if Fuji still thinks they will forever own the absolute advantage of having a smaller footprint with good IQ. If a7c is a success ( and it’s very likely as it is being sold very well in Asia), more major players will follow suit, eventually making the market talk much less about the option of the premium APSC.


I am not saying it must work. I say weight the risk/reward. Some will see more risk, some will see the reward. Will Fuji do it? I think not. Does this not make business sense, I think it is at least a new possibility that may be worth to explore.

Just a civil discussion. No intention to argue. Cheers.

This looks very much like picking the options for comparison based on where you already wanted to go: That Fuji should make FF system. Business decisions are created the opposite direction; Applying the same tests and analysis to both options, calculate estimated Net Present Value for both and in most cases choose the higher NPV option.

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