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Picking wines... less OT than it sounds

Alan WF wrote:

I have half a dozen or so of these lenses but I am a sort of guy who buys cheap wine without looking at the label and some of them are actually quite good and the others have not killed me as of yet

The only reason I no longer drink the cheapest wine in the supermarket is that my partner was embarrassed to have it in our shopping trolley. So now I drink the second cheapest.

The cheapest wine here comes in large boxes and is very generic. I don't drink much wine (and none during Ramadan), but I'm fairly picky about matching wine to food... as I am about matching lenses to photographic circumstances. For example, my favorite is a nice Gewürztraminer with various spicy Thai foods, and I'm generally quite happy with bottles from Fetzer that are usually within a few dollars of the cheapest generic bottled wine. The only problem is that Gewürztraminers are sufficiently unusual so that not every store carries them, and I did have to look around a bit to have options locally (shipping wine to Kentucky is problematic).

So, I'm one of those guys who decides what I want and then seeks it out, and I'll pay what it's worth, but I don't hold it against a wine that it's cheap. Rather, I will not pay more for a wine if it doesn't taste markedly better to me. Again, like how I buy lenses.

Long may it not kill us!

Of course it will not kill you. On the other hand, you might enjoy it more if you try some of the more unusual wines that might pair better with the food you're eating... i.e., buy wine like you buy lenses. 

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