Olympus E-M1 III - Detailed info on USB-C charging & power delivery

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Olympus E-M1 III - Detailed info on USB-C charging & power delivery


I was doing some research on USB-C charging of the E-1M III. The details provided by Olympus were a little confusing so I did some tests and research myself and put this all together.

For example at the beginning I was not aware that charing can also be done with a simple USB-C wall charger that also supports power delivery (Olympus always talks about power banks only)

Technical Prerequisites:
You need a USB-C Powerbank or USB-C wall charger that supports the USB Power Delivery (PD) standard with 9V 3A, 15V 2A, or 15V 3A output

Olympus lists as supported (example) devices:
-Anker PowerPort III mini [USB quick charger]
-Anker PowerCore +26800 PD

I have done my tests with RAV devices (they are also working fine):
-RAVPower PD 60W Power Bank (20.000mAh)
-RAVPower PD 65W USB-C wall charger

Detail on power bank capacity and number of charges:
The RAVPower PD 60W Power Bank is listed with 20.000mAh. This applies for the voltage of the power bank battery cells (3,6V). This results in a capacity of 72Wh (brutto). For charging the voltage needs to be changed (e.g. Olympus Akku has 7,4V but seems to be charged with 9V). There were some reviews on amazon suggesting that netto capacity = usable (examples were from 5,2V and 20V output) is around 63Wh.

Calculating number of possible charges for some example devices (assuming power bank has 63Wh usable capacity):

Details on some devices

Number of expected charges (using RAVPower PD 60W power bank)

For the Olympus Em1.3 battery this means we can expect around 5 full charges from this power bank.

Charging & Power Delivery:
Via USB-C you can either charge the battery or run the camera from USB-C power:

  1. Charge Akku in Camera via USB-C from Power Bank or USB-C wall charger (internal battery level can also be < 10%)
    When the camera is powered off and you plug in the USB-C cable (either from Power Bank or USB-C wall charger) the red lamp on bottom right of the camera will light up red during the charging process. Info from Olympus "USB charging while power battery holder HLD-9 is attached charges the battery inside of the camera body only". I've tested the charging time (powering on camera shortly every 15 min to check battery level) and a full charge takes ca. 2h (very similar to the battery charger that comes with the E-M1 III). This also means you could go from e.g. 50% -> ~80% in 30 min.

  2. Run Camera from Power via USB-C from Power Bank or USB-C wall charger (internal Battery needs to be inserted with >10% battery level)
    When the camera is powered on and you plug in the USB-C cable (either from Power Bank or USB-C wall charger) the camera will ask you for some USB options -> choose "USB PD" and camera will be powered via USB-C directly (but no charging of internal camera battery at same time)

Some useful example scenarios:

  1. Charge E-M1 III from power bank while charging the phone at the same time (on RAVPower PD 60W Power Bank - with only one fast USB-C - the mobile phone will then be charged in normal mode=no fast charge via USB-A)
  2. Only have one charger (USB-C wall charger that supports PD - for laptop needs to be "strong" enough like 60W+) with you and charge/run many of your devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, E-M1 III,…)
  3. Run camera power from power bank or USB-C wall charger (e.g. for time elapse)
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