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Re: A1 temptation, so...

I got rid of both.

With the A9 II, I had the huge frustration of files that I just didn't quite like. They did not have the beauty in my eyes of the A7R IV files. The issue with the A7R IV was that the autofocus could not quite keep up with my erratic subjects, such as flying Kingfishers and Osprey, and did not offer me a viable e-shutter to use (rolling shutter, especially on BIF and diving birds!). Also, the ISO performance was not good enough.

Bought the A1, and I am so happy with it, I will never shoot those other 2 cameras again. The files are similar to the A7R IV in beauty, the autofocus is insanity, and the ISO performance is great! Shooting ISO 5000+ is no longer a worry. Oh yeah, and it was tracking the eyes of even flying birds! So every single complaint I had with the A9, A9 II, and A7R IV is GONE. Did I mention I can also shoot 20 FPS and not get 12-bit, but beautiful 14-bit RAW files with NO rolling shutter effects AND have a high megapixel image?

I may sound like I am ranting, but I have seriously never had so much fun in my life!

If I had shot the picture below with an A9 II or A7R IV, I would have had a choice of completely missing focus, having banding, or an unusuable image after trying to crop from 24 MP. Instead, I have a very sharp image which I love! The A1 focus is right on the eye!

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