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Re: Sx70

Nice pics and cute dog.  My young dog is always on a walk with me so I end up shooting one handed.  Never count the sx50 out.  I think it has the best sensors of all the superzooms.  I have all the Nikon p900/950/1000 superzooms but I still like the canon colors.  I will the you a little secret about the nikons.  If you look at the raw files with no processing using “rawfileviewer” you will see images that are not as sharp as you would expect.   The camera jpg processing does a lot of lens correcting and sharpening to give that wow factor that everyone likes and thinks the camera is so sharp.  Sharpening sells cameras but the unprocessed raw file tells the real story.  I reduce the in camera default sharpening a notch or two.  You get better looking images and colors when not over sharpening.


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