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Rogstaeker11 wrote:

I used to be a regular visitor; however, over the last year I lost most of my memory. Now I am a new beginner! I regularly touched the FN1 button;

If you have a large hand, it is possible because GX85 is a relative small size camera which has not small numbers of hard buttons on the back of the camera.

I have 2 suggestions: to make the fn1 more protrude or to hide it. When we touch it we know we have to avoid hitting/applying force on it.

I stuck a rhinestone over fn3 to make it protrude for easier blind search by feeling. I assign Dial Operation Switch to fn3 for easier ISO setting.

On another model GX7 I stuck a cut piece of foam pad to surround the 4 ways cursor keys to avoid accidental hitting on them by my palm.

I wanted to get red of that and assigned the guide line to that button.

Guideline is set under Custom Menu on P.4/9.

Under the Custom Menu, Fn button set (P.7/9), you can re-assign the features of every fn keys (4 hard fn keys and 5 soft fn keys). Indeed you can also re-assign the feature to the Q.Menu (15 items in 3 pages).

However, the guideline is "off" and all my photos are now 4K;

Are you in 4K Photo modes?

But you should get a video file in MP4 and you have to extract the frame from the video footage to get a 4K resolution JPG.

4K photo modes are for special high speed shooting only @30 fps, not for normal photo shooting. If you have activated 4K Pre Burst mode (one of the three 4K photo modes), it could over heat GX85 within 30 minutes, and empty your battery very fast...

Please click the down cursor key of the 4 ways cursor keys, in the Drive Mode sub menu making sure you have selected Single Shot mode to return to normal photo shooting mode.

Or if you are not in 4K photo modes, check the REC Menu/Picture Size (P.1/8) to make sure you used L (16Mp) instead of M (8Mp).

Note, if your Picture Size is M, and if you have set ETC to On, you might used a 1.4x in-camera zoom effect that might change the original angle of view of your lens. So, I shall enable ETC only when needed ( I assign it to Q.Menu), and shall use Pict Size L all the time for the best IQ of GX85 can produce.

how do I turn the guide line "on"?

Since Guide line is mostly an one off setting, I might rather assign it to the Q.Menu to spare a fn key for other more frequently used feature.

BTW, you might wish to know each C mode can has their own set of fn keys and Q.Menu. GX85 has 3 C modes, so together with the regular shooting mode, you can set up 4 sets of independent fn keys and Q.Menu. Therefore even if you have assigned Guildline to fn1 under any one of these 4 modes (C or otherwise), that assigned feature might be changed when you enter another mode. Please take note of it.

GX85 is a M43 camera, you might meet more GX85 owners there on M43 forum.

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