?: Question regarding a7riv not able to display images

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?: Question regarding a7riv not able to display images

Hello everyone!

I had something happen today that I haven't seen before. I researched it a bit online but still a little confused. Since I do paid shoots and only have one camera body I wanted to run this by you to see what may have happened.

I am heading out to a shoot and as usual I went to format my Sony Tough Card II 64 gig. Usually when I do this I take a quick peek at one of the images on the card before I format it just to make sure Im not formatting a card with images that I didn't transfer to my computer.

Today I got messages that said that the camera is unable to display images and that it was not able to display images in this view.

I thought that was odd since I had 665 images on the card from my last shoot.

I then put in another card that had images on it and got the same messages on the camera.

After doing that I surmised that it was an issue with the a7riv.

I then formatted each card and that solved the problem, however I was wondering if this could be a warning that something is wrong with my camera or if something may have happened with the internals of the camera that needed to be re-set or ?

I apologize as Im not technically astute and am probably not using the correct verbiage but I think Im making sense (i hope!).

Anyway, if you could shed some light on this situation for me Id really appreciate it. I have 4 shoots coming up and I get a bit nervous if/when my only camera body acts up.

Thanks for your time and expertise.

Best to you all,


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