Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

Stakeouttoo wrote:

why I blamed Canon.. Canon can't even get the EF-RF adapter out --a basic piece of metal with only contacts on it... so I blame them for that... if shortages were not their fault how do they have the nerve to announce yet another high end camera-- the R3 like they are promoting on their site.. looks to me like planned shortages to keep the prices up.. and to heck with all of us DSLR users Canon R3 announcement LINK

my Canon 6DMkII sure beats using that ol' Petri 7s 35mm back in 1967 in RVN

Well, it is a development announcement and not really a release. Sony are doing the same with their latest camera, something that is harder to get than the RF-EF adapter. I can actually get hold of a nee Canon EF adapter here in the UK, cannot get many other things I am after.

I do get your frustration on the DSLR front. Had a 7D3 come out I would be using one now. If an R7 comes out I will almost certainly be getting one. I have used loads of kit but my muscle memory prefers Canon ergonomics, Just wish they would hurry up.

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