Sony a9ii vs sonyar7iv

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Re: Sony a9ii vs sonyar7iv

I chose the A7Riv when moving up from aps-c.  I'm pretty sure the two bodies you mentioned are pretty much the same - exactly the same? when it comes to feel, handling, controls, etc., so we can't fall back on "Get the one that feels best to you."

The A7Riv is a good, perhaps one of the very best, general purpose bodies, the A9ii is specialized in handling low light and fast moving, dynamic subject matter.  It's a better wildlife camera if dealing with fast moving subjects, like birds in flight.  The A7Riv has much greater resolution, allowing for more cropping if needed.

The high resolution will allow for larger prints, if that's a consideration.  It has somewhat more "noise" so the A9ii might be better if considering low light scenarios.  The A7Riv seems to have some problems with the 200-600 Sony in some situations and/or for some users.

If leaning heavily towards the A9ii, there is something to be said for considering the A9.  The differences are rather limited and might not be of impact in your use situations.

I chose the A7Riv because I'm using it in broadly general ways as opposed to just the areas the A9/A9ii do better.  I really don't  now enough about macro to choose between them for that use. Intense, high speed moving animals and birds in flight, the A9s probably have the edge.

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