New Wildlife Set-up -- from 7D ii to Canon/Sony Mirrorless

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Re: New Wildlife Set-up -- from 7D ii to Canon/Sony Mirrorless

Thanks to all for the replies. I'll certainly consider your advice when I make a buying (or waiting) decision. Since February our photography condition have been horrendous, so I'm in no rush.

My 7D II can get some nice shots, but my name for it is the "one-shot wonder." I usually get one of two sharp shots in a quick 5-6 shot burst, but that's about it. After scaring off my than my share of water-birds when I've gotten close to them, I decided to go mirrorless at some point.

I'd love to have one of those big primes (and briefly considered waiting/saving a bit for that Canon 500 f4 ii prime), but weight is definitely a factor for me.  I walk/hike a lot and hand-hold my camera at all times.  I've never gotten tired with my current setup except for the first time I tried photographing Black Terns -- I've learned a lot since then.

Over the past few years I've learned the value of a good lens, and I really like the 100-400 ii. I've shot with several people who use Sigma/Tamrons 150-600 lenses with their Canon APS-Cs, and I wouldn't trade my lens for any of them.  The only zoom that really seems to compete in terms of AF capabilities is the Sony 200-600, and obviously the Sony provides extra reach).

Although I'm not registered at Fred Miranda's site, I visit it a lot. The photos on that site are incredible, and show how capable all of those cameras can be. Great photographers, great gear, great subjects.

Thanks again.

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