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Re: D850 Speedlight Setup Question

parambyte wrote:


If I want a two/three light Speedlight setup with Nikon D850 + WR-R11 and SB5000 as my first Speedlight what are my options for the second/third lights?


I believe SB5000 is the only wireless Speedlight from Nikon

It is.

(And it’s expensive)?

It is. They go for a more affordable price used. Having said that, built-in cooling, good recycle time, good focus assist light, etc., provides some additional value.  They also have features most people don't use, like operating the focus assist light on an SC-29 cable or Auto Aperture flash mode.

Can I use an SB700 as part of the setup too? (Asking because it would be less expensive than a second SB5000).

Will it work with an optical command from SB5000?

The SB-700 will work in Groups A,B, and C through optical CLS if the SB-5000 is on-body and setup as a Commander.   If the SB-5000 is off-camera, it can only be a Remote, not a Commander, so it can't issue CLS commands to the SB-700.  I'm pretty sure that's correct, if anyone knows better please point to the manual or similar.

Or, the SB-700 could be set to fire in SU-4 mode if you're doing everything in Manual vs. TTL.    But then you would not have remote control of the SB-700, just remote triggering.

Does anyone have experience with a Nikon Speedlight based setup of more than one light?

I've recently started getting familiar with the WR-R10 / SB-5000 combination with two SB-5000s. Works great and I get multi-body triggering to boot.

I understand Godox is almost half the price and I can have a Godox XProN plus 860 series Speedlight too, but for the purpose of THIS post I am considering my options in Nikon.

I'm moving away from Godox for events because of focus-assist light - don't need it much but do need it sometimes - relatively warm white balance, and TTL reliability - they work well enough and are cost-competitive, but I find that the SB-5000 is more accurate for exposure and just plain more reliable for going pop when it needs to.

Pocket Wizards is indeed a very flexible solution.

Lots of people love their ControlTL PW units. Not me - I sold my units at a loss not long after acquiring them.

On the ControlTL, one needs to push "test" for each power level change.  Annoying and slow.

And I found them temperamental - I had enough misfires to be embarrassing (up-to-date firmware, clean contacts, fresh batteries, correct turn-on sequence) whether on Manual or TTL.

And FV Lock isn't available at all, which is a show-stopper for me (not for everyone). That, ultimately, is why I sold them. But the frequent misfires would have pushed me away from them soon enough.

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