Sigma LVF - 11 for the fp

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Re: Sigma LVF - 11 for the fp

Funnily enough I have just bought a LVF 01 (for the Quattros). The Sigma one is so well made and the lens is very good for viewing the whole of your camera screen very clearly its like looking into a giant viewfinder - which I guess it is.

I have been using these external viewfinders on and off for many years. They can turn an awkward camera into a real joy to use.

Yes they are bulky and double the size of the camera but they are great with compacts and the sony nex3, nex5 and the like that do not have an EVF.

You just need to make sure you can easily access any buttons and the viewfinder does not get in the way - I do not know how they can be much good if the camera has to use a touch screen though - maybe you can divert the touch screen adjustments to the camera buttons?

I was using one I made myself on my 3d printer but the Sigma one just blows it away as the lens is so good.

The Sigma has a removable anodised aluminium plate that you could if you are a DIYer replace with your own design to fit your camera. I am going to make a different plate to use on my Nex 3 whilst I decide what to do about my first Sigma Camera.

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