Testing my new 10-24mm: soft corners at 10mm normal?

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Re: 3x 10mm full size samples but at f7.1

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Hi guys,

I just tested my new 10-24mm. I checked any possible misalignment.

I noticed that there are soft corners at 10mm, F4. 18mm F4 is very sharp. Corners are again a bit soft at 24mm F4, but not as soft as at 10mm.

I was just wondering if thats normal?

Thank you for your help.


I'd say it's somewhat soft at f4 at 10mm. Stopped down it should be pretty good.

The lens is weakest at the long end of the range (24mm).

Unfortunately I don't have any photo at f4 at 10m, but here are 3 full size shots at 10mm f7.1:

On X-T20

On X-T20

On X-T1

I sold my 10-24 f4 as I didn't find it all that great optically. It was descent, but I've never been impressed.

In comparison my 14mm f2.8 is much sharper and smaller. As I rarely need a super wide, the 14mm suits me well.

I don‘t understand you...
you should compare 14mm prime vs. 14mm with the 10-24 to be fair.

If the 14 mm prime is enough for you, why complaining about the 10mm result of the 10-24 if you don‘t need this FL?

at opticalLimits.com you can compare the 14 prime with the 10-24 @ 14mm and you will see that they are more or less on par.

To compare have a look here for the MTF diagram @ 14 mm of both lenses:



If there is a weak end of the 10-24 it is more at about 20-24 mm, but even there the 2/23 is only a little bit better, not very much.

@ 10 mm FL the 10-24 stopped down just one aperture to 5,6 is rather good, even compared to other 10 mm APSC prime lenses or 14-15mm FF prime lenses... and the 10-24 is one of the best if not even the best UW zoom on the market...


Opticallimits and Lenstip use Imatest for measuring resolution. The test measurements are

done WITHOUT in-camera sofare correction of distortion. As the 10-24 has a lot of barrel distortion the measured numbers are far better than the really are.

The 14 mm is fully optical corrected and the measured numbers are what you will experience in the real world.

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