Wildlife APS-C upgrade advice

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Re: Wildlife APS-C upgrade advice

Zowlyfon wrote:

Thanks for the advice, I think the Tam/Sig 150-600 lenses are definitely something I will consider, the sport model is definitely a beast.

I did look at the Micro 4/3 options, however the ecosystem surrounding canon and nikon lenses seems much more established, and the option of also being able to get a FF camera in the future is definitely a factor.

Just for your info:  on the Nikon side ( D750 and D500 and Z6/7 ), the sigma or Tamron 100-400 and the Tamron G2 150-600 all work well on all bodies though you might need an upgrade on the Tamrons via the Tap-in console.

Don't know about the "beasts' - never tried one - just hearsay.  I think the Sigmas are all fine on Canon/Nikon aps or FF bodies though you would need to check.

Good luck


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