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Satyaa wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:


Let me tell you that it does. The differences in image fidelity is significant and you will see and enjoy it. It can have an effect on you and your photography.

But what really matters is the word "want" not "need". You want it, and you know why.

This was another comment that got me thinking. I sure know what I want but I am not sure why. Could be valid reasons, may be not. I am trying to understand all tips here an get a better idea of why I want what I want. Only then can I justify the cost.


The only question is can you afford it, and if you can, are you willing to go in for ten grand and up?

If so, then you have already decided.

It's a good philosophical debate to have with yourself. If you have the money and you can afford to make a mistake with no consequences, I guess it doesn't really matter and you may as well buy the most expensive gear you can find.  But if you are not in that fortunate position, then buying into MF is a very significant cost.

And only you can perform the cost benefit analysis for your situation.

I've done it for mine:  I could afford to buy into a GFX system, but it would destroy my carefully laid financial planning, and that is not something to be taken lightly. Also, I know that my desire to join the GFX family is pure G.A.S. In objective terms, I have no need for a 100MP behemoth:  the maximum print size I print at is A3 and any camera will do that, and mostly I print on A4 paper.  At that size any camera of 6MP or so is going to look identical to any other.  My GAS issue, kind of got killed (but not entirely!) when I saw the price of a decent lens outfit to go with a G100s. Hmmm. Is photography worth that much to me?  But only you can answer that question for yourself.  I know Greg will go ballistic for me saying this, but the real benefit of 100MP is if you are printing larger than 32" wide. At the larger sizes, you will really see the benefit of the big sensor. IMO, at print sizes below this, it's bling, really.

In my opinion, if you can shake the GAS, and you don't need to print huge, there other ways to spend your money that might yield more bang for the buck - such as an extended photographic trip!

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