Anyone bought the Canon R5 from Panamoz yet

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daveychainsaw wrote:

Cotswolds wrote:

daveychainsaw wrote:

Haven't used Panamoz for years but bought my 5D mkIV from HDEW. they were great.

Am considering an R5, am I right in thinking that If I buy from somewhere like HDEW who provide a VAT receipt, then my business is allowed to reclaim the VAT?

As long as the camera will be used primarily for business use then yes and you will also be eligible for capital allowances against your tax

If however your question is if the business pays for my hobby camera can I claim then the answer is no

My gear is all business use and I understand about reclaiming the VAT, my question was specifically about HDEW and if it's OK to reclaim the VAT they show on the invoice in the same way that I would with a UK supplier who aren't selling grey imports.

Sorry misunderstood your question. If HDEW supply you with a valid VAT invoice - you can check the number relates to them on then unless you have any definite knowledge of fraud etc it's OK to recover the input tax

HDEW would be committing a serious offence by issuing VAT invoices that contain amounts purporting to be VAT that were not accounted for

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