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The Lamentable Lens wrote:

Zosimas wrote:

Hi, I want to but a budget friendly camera that will be able to sync with my 6th generation iPad. I have gone through some camera review sites, as well as Amazon and Bestbuy. There seem to be so many options, so I am looking to hear from other photographers who use iPad with their camera.

I havnt done much photography for a few years, but i used to be a member on Most of my knowledge comes from the website

My photography goals now are mostly for black & white, and macro (color).

however I also like the effect made when zooming in to a flower from a distance for a “macro” shot.

thank you.

Can you clarify what you mean when you say you want it to "sync" with your iPad? Do you plan to use the manufacturer's app on the iPad to operate the camera remotely, or do you simply mean that you want to use the iPad to edit your photos? If the latter, are you looking for a way to transfer the photos to your iPad wirelessly, as opposed to using an SD card reader? Just want to make sure I understand the iPad's role in your question.

In terms of a budget-friendly camera that would be good for macro work, you might consider a micro four thirds camera from Olympus or Panasonic, paired with the Olympus 60mm macro lens. You can get wonderful macro shots with that setup on a relatively affordable budget, and of course the lens isn't limited to just macro (it doubles as a small, short telephoto prime). The other option is to go with a non-macro lens and use extension tubes. I've never used extension tubes, but I know others who have used them successfully, and it makes for a budget-friendly macro option.

I use an Oly with that 60mm lens for macro and it's one of my favorites, even though I've been able to use other M43 and FF cameras. And some of the Olys are great deals now.

The raw files on most Oly cameras can be imported into the iPad and into Photos if you use that; I'd recommend getting the Raw Power app if you go with that. I use Lightroom on the iPad myself. Olympus also has an app to control the camera, and another that can log GPS and then geotag your images. Neither are great.

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