How to avoid super-sharp computational pictures in iPhone 12 PM?

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Re: How to avoid super-sharp computational pictures in iPhone 12 PM?

Dazza9000 wrote:

For me, this is THE big issue with mobile photography. I noticed it first on my IPhone 11 pro and then later with the Samsung Note 20 Ultra. The samples of the Iphone 12 Max on also show evidence of oversharpening (the church is particularly bad).

It is especially noticeable when using the HDR option in Snapsneed, which shows up halos around the subject. I think the dehaze option on Lightroom will also emphasize it.

I think the problem lies with combining several shots to produce the one hdr shot. If I remember, there is an option on the Iphone to switch off HDR. This might produce better results

I ended up getting the Pixel 4 XL which is mercifully free of oversharpening and halos. They are pretty cheap at the moment and you get access to the amazing Glitchlab (which for some reason is unavailable for the Iphone).

Personally, the haloing problem is the reason I plan to get the Sony RX100 MKVIII when it eventually comes out. This may not have the fancy AI of smartphone photography, but should be good enough in good light.

I love taking photos but I'm not enough of an engineer to even hazard a guess as to why. I do read reviews and watch videos evaluating phone cameras and certain companies are criticized consistently for over-saturated or over-sharpened or excessive efforts to eliminate noise or all three. People who buy these phones and then whine about over-saturation, over-sharpened or excessive noise reduction and then complain are amazing.

To be fair, these phones are producing what most people want. If you don't, you should be buying something else. I realize that's not something some brand fans can consider but you can do it.

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