Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

Stakeouttoo wrote:

ALL this sounds reasonable but as I have said a number of times in different threads on here and elsewhere Canon has thrown ALL of us DSLR users to the wolves--abandoning us... so much for sound marketing strategy by a major company..

the deal with the EF to RF adapters sounds good on paper-- buy the Adapter for a mere $99 bucks to be able to use your EF/EF-S lenses on mirrorless-- but it sure seems that the availability to get one has tightened to a point that just about no authorized dealers have them or can get them.. pretty slick strategy on Canon's part but very obvious on what they are doing-- at least from my standpoint

i don’t think Canon can be blamed for the current shortages. I cannot think of a single new product, and many older ones, that are not in short supply at the moment. Try getting a PS5, a GPU, most brands cameras and lenses, even many new cars. So much is in short supply sure to the silicon crisis coupled with Covid. Hopefully by the end of summer that will change. Currently almost every electronics product is out of stock in many countries. I’ve been trying for four months to get a star tracker for instance. Even garden furniture is almost impossible to find here in the UK.

the only way to get some of us die-hard DSLR users back and into mirrorless is for Canon to make good on a replacement for the 7DMKII so I say the R7 is on the near horizon as a 7DMkIII replacement.. if it doesn't come about I'll stay with my DSLR's and hope for the best and continue to enjoy my picture taking with what I have

as a longtime Canon-only user just disappointed with what they are doing

I too am a long term Canon user hoping an R7 arrives sometime soon. My old 7D2 has seen better days. I keep considering an R5 but just don’t want a FF camera as like many, I often shoot reach limited situations.

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