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Do you have the patience or wherewithal to handle and store 100mb+ files?

I've found most important for web viewing or small prints, are pixel size and the rendering quality of lenses. Thats why i've settled on my Nikon DF with a paltry 16MP and huge pixel size. I've got 24MP on my asp-c Ricoh GR and I much prefer the juicy image qualities coming from my DF. You can buy the MF camera if you've got the money, as it helps companies to move technology further when people buy. The cameras you have now are plenty good enough.

Well 16 MP is certainly good enough for many purposes. But, megapixels are just a means of transporting data.

The main benefit of having high MP is reduced aliasing, that is false detail. Having larger pixels means more false detail, unless false detail is suppressed by an AA-filter or say camera shake.

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That is interesting. So the main reason I upgraded to FF from m43 was because I found the m43 files (raws processed to high quality jpegs) to scale poorly when compressed to smaller sizes, as common when sharing on web. It looked like moire/aliasing but along all the outlines/edges of things like tree branches. Crunchy. I attributed it to the smaller pixels being difficult to compress?
Second reason was the shadow detail. Having to absolutely ETTR to preserve colors/details in shadows for editing flexibility in post. Tendency for shadows to take a magenta hue with noise, rather than a detailed and smooth contrast gradient (mtf?).

My aps-c camera shares far more similarities to FF, than m43 does to asp-c. Thats why i'd believe anyone who stated the law of diminishing returns applies beyond FF or asp-c. If I need to take so many additional steps to properly capture and process the m43 files, i'd rather just go full frame, as it is more forgiving. Otherwise, I loved everything else about those cameras (em5ii em1ii).

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