Brand new XT3 - EVF problems?

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Brand new XT3 - EVF problems?

Hi all, after testing out the XT4 for a weekend I decided to ditch my XT30 and get a good deal on a brand new XT3 as I figured it would be similar to the XT4 in ergonomics and handling and found the tilt-screen more useful than flip-out.

I'm having two key issues with the EVF I did not have with the XT30 or XT4:

  • The EVF shows a brighter, more saturated image than the results I'm actually getting. Natural view is off and the brightness was set to auto. I've set that to "0" and it's a bit better but I wanted to check this wasn't just my camera.
  • The EVF stutters and has flickering when zooming in and out with the 18-55, even in great lighting conditions. This is both with and without boost mode on. One of the main reasons for the "upgrade" was the EVF and I'm finding this very inconsistent. (This is on single, not burst mode)

Other two issues that are not major but I didn't have with the XT30/XT4 are:

  • Cannot connect to phone for updates, transfers. Things fail halfway through and I have reinstalled the app several times to re-pair
  • With the 18-55 lens some images come out a lot more unexposed on F-priority with exposure compensation set to 0 when stopping down to F4 or 5.6. The preview on EVF/LCD shows a balanced exposure but the result is not. I did not have this issue with the mentioned two models.

I've looked in the forums for different threads and cannot find similar issues being resolved and I will most likely exchange the camera (I'm tempted to just get the XT4 but I think its not worth the extra £500).

Many in similar older threads have pointed out its due to understanding how the camera works, which is fair, but it should not take tweaking that many settings to get key things working that were not an issue on two different models.

Any thoughts?

Fujifilm X-T3
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