Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: So What Will it Take

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Jeff Peterman wrote:

"You’ve missed that the R5 is better than what a 7D3 would be"

But that was true with the 5D MKIV and the 7D2 too: the difference was that the 5D was much more expensive, and I'd expect a crop version of the R5 (R7?) to be significantly cheaper than the R5 too.

And therein lies the problem that I've outlined. The 7DII was considerably cheaper than the 5DIII/IV precisely because it utilized an APS-C sensor. Otherwise, the cameras were virtually identical. Today, that cost differential in the sensors just doesn't make that possible because the manufacturing costs of the larger sensors have come down so much that even an RP costs less than a third of the original 5D from fifteen years earlier.

Same can be said for APS-C sensors.  A Rebel with a kit lens is retailing for <$500.  The first consumer-oriented DSLR, the D30, originally retailed for around $2,500.

And even then it would presume that Canon is even inclined to put an APS-C sensor in an R body. And so far there is no evidence of that. So where does a successor to the 7DII even fit in the R line if it needs to be cheaper than the R5? The answer is that it doesn't.

In your opinion

I think pro-quality APS-C in the Canon line reached a dead end with the 7DII, no differently than APS-H died with the 1D Mark IV. If Canon continues with APS-C, my guess is that it will be in consumer grade cameras, mostly likely the M series. Given that the original M50 was Canon's best selling camera just a year ago, the M line seems secure for now.

The M series is a dead end.  There's been little to no development in lenses, and I don't believe there are any 3rd party EF-M lenses.

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