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Re: Basic questions - wannabe MF user

Antennum wrote:

Fellow hobbyist and amateur here, with no experience in MF. I have however read a great deal on the subject of camera sensors/tech as i've been acquiring gear. I own or have played with a Sony a7iii, Nikon DF, Olympus em1ii, Ricoh GRiii.
With print size a non-factor, the main differences I see are with respect to workflow and color reproduction and tonality.
Do you appreciate the ability to shoot a wide scene and crop significantly in PP.

I can do that with any camera, but I mostly stitch for wide scenes.

Do you want a wider flexibility in editing colors for creative reasons.

Much of that is probably a myth. There is no fundamental advantage to MFD with regard to color. Having a 68 percent larger sensor allows shooting at 168 ISO instead of 100 ISO, that is significant but not huge advantage.

Do you have a high resolution, color calibrated monitor to really make the most out of 16-bit MF.

High resolution screen just gives less magnification, 4K is just around 10 MP, so it will throw away something like 80 percent of the pixels, on 50 MP.

Do you have the patience or wherewithal to handle and store 100mb+ files?

I've found most important for web viewing or small prints, are pixel size and the rendering quality of lenses. Thats why i've settled on my Nikon DF with a paltry 16MP and huge pixel size. I've got 24MP on my asp-c Ricoh GR and I much prefer the juicy image qualities coming from my DF. You can buy the MF camera if you've got the money, as it helps companies to move technology further when people buy. The cameras you have now are plenty good enough.

Well 16 MP is certainly good enough for many purposes. But, megapixels are just a means of transporting data.

The main benefit of having high MP is reduced aliasing, that is false detail. Having larger pixels means more false detail, unless false detail is suppressed by an AA-filter or say camera shake.

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