Ryzen 7 5800x CPU cooler - is this one good enough?

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Re: Ryzen 7 5800x CPU cooler - is this one good enough?

Big Swifty wrote:

Thanks for the suggestions. Forgot to mention:

Asus Tuf Gaming B550M - Plus (mATX)

MSI GTX 1650 Super Gaming

Cooler Master N200 (mini tower) case - "Supports air CPU cooler heights up to 160mm/6.3inch." Also "Supports a 240mm liquid cooling radiator in the front."

What are you paying for the 5800x? In the USA best bang for the buck is the i7-10700. If you were originally considering R5 3600, the i7 will be a step up from that, although a little behind the 5800x. i7-10700 is like $275 in the States vs $450 for Ryzen 5800x. It also comes with a built in iGPU, so you can skip the overpriced GPU for now and wait for prices to settle. I really recommend mid-range Intel right now just because of crazy prices on AMD and GPUs.

As to your cooler question, I recommend beQuiet Dark rock slim (not the Pure Rock slim you suggested). It's a big step up and is pretty much silent while keeping my 12 core Ryzen at very good temps even under full load. It costs about $50-60 so not ridiculous.

Hyper 212 is also good enough performance for cheap, but is not very quiet.

AIO Liquid does not actually provide significantly better performance than a good Air cooler.  Check out reviews and youtube comparisons.  It's basically down to just better aesthetics and room to work inside your case.  Many reviews and youtube videos confirm this.

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