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Re: Guessing the Canon R3 price is a complete coin flip now

Fab-BZH wrote:

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It's supposed to be slotted between the R5 and 1DX III, so it should be a lot less than $7000. $5000 seems about right.

That's a big hope, I think the article DP Review made on it is right, the R3 slots in between the R5 and R1, but that doesn't mean the R3 will be in-between those $3,900 and $6,600. It may be in-between $3,900 and $8,100. And that's a big gap.

Right !

We can suppose the R1 will be near $8000, and R3 between R5 and ... R1, not 1DX3 !

So I also think R3 could be $5500 or $6000 (I suppose nearer to 6000 than 5500 !)

If the R3 beats the A1 (maybe excepted 8K capabilities), Canon will have no qualms about pricing it at $6000 or more !!

The R3 is position against the A1 and sell for less than $6500 seems u nlikely to me. I thought the R5 would be more than the 5DIV and closer to $5000. I think at $3900 the R5 is a relative bargain with R6 being a bigger bargain. So $6000 for the R3 seems likely though I could seem want to claim superiority to the A1 while matching the $6500 USA MSRP.

I agree and the remark made by Tony Northrup could be true : if the R3 is cheaper than the A1, one could conclude that the A1 is better than the R3 !

BUT, if the R3 has no 8K and a pixel count lower than the A1, maybe the price could be lower too... I think we'll not wait too long to know, the R3 is almost ready.

I will find the final outcomes interesting.   None can see the future with 100% accuracy but think out the possibilities is interesting to me.    Canon is still the photograph big dog in this hunt and the big dog usually is not cheapest dog.    The exact features of the camera's capability will matter some too.   The outcome that R1 will be more expensive than R3 is in very little doubt.

The R5 was bargain in my opinion because it gives me what I need in compact light package providing excellence in stills and video.    Every camera will always have limitations and most get pretty pretty long in the tooth after ten years of service.   The shutter wearout used to the Achilles heel of the DSLRs for extended use but the R5 has the amazing performance using the electronic shutter.

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