Ryzen 7 5800x CPU cooler - is this one good enough?

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Re: Ryzen 7 5800x CPU cooler - is this one good enough?

Outside of video rendering the most CPU intensive tasks I see using Photoshop is when a plug-in program (On1, Luminar) renders back to Photoshop. Not really long enough to threaten heat instability.

I have a 3800x, similar thermal profile.

The 3800x included the AMD Wraith, pretty to look at but not an optimal cooling solution with idle temps in the low 40s and barely staying under 90 for any extended multi-core cpu activity. The numbers always made me nervous even though AMD marketing said those sustained higher temps were within spec.

I also have an i7 Comet Lake, an even higher thermal profile. Why two big desktops is hard to explain since I can only use one at a time.

I finally gave up on the Wraith and got a 240mm AIO (BeQuiet--its new and is refillable, theoretically). Temps are generally more reasonable but extended CPU runs still spike although I haven't seen throttling. I stuck a big (really big) 3 year old Noctua (don't remember the model but it looks exactly like what they still sell and uses the same fans) on the Comet Lake--similar temp profile.

This has ever been my experience: big air coolers and AIOs are not radically different in real world performance regardless of what you see on Youtube where minor differences in temperatures are exaggerated by the size of the bar graphs. Youtubers gotta rant.

If you go with a big air cooler be sure it will fit in your case before you buy. If you get anything larger than a 120mm AIO (not much better than a wraith) be sure you know where and how to mount the radiator in your case (many can't take a radiator larger than 240mm).

Whatever you get be sure the package includes the needed hardware for the AM4 socket, which is totally different than Intel.

Noise levels are not necessarily better for one type of cooler, it depends on the fans, the case and how far the case is from your little ears. The EVO is highly rated and if it fits would seem a cost effective solution. You also need to look at fan profiles in either the BIOS or if you have software control as that can make a huge difference.

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