New Wildlife Set-up -- from 7D ii to Canon/Sony Mirrorless

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Re: New Wildlife Set-up -- from 7D ii to Canon/Sony Mirrorless

It's hard to go wrong with either choice.  The R5 is an excellent camera and I'm told it works very well with the 100-400 v2.  I understand the 100-500 is also very good, though with the TC it has the 300mm minimum focal length and won't fully retract.  One downside for the R5 is that it can do 12fps in mechanical shutter or 20fps in electronic (with no other fps settings in e-shutter).  Given this, you get shutter blackout with the mechanical shutter, or a slideshow with the electronic (though I'm told the slideshow works such that it is pretty easy to track birds in flight other than the beginning and end of the sequences when it's switching back and forth from live view to the slideshow).  The e-shutter is about 1/60 sec which is fast enough to work well in most situations, though when panning, vertical lines in the background can slant due to shutter distortion.

I own an a9ii and the 200-600 and it's an excellent birding lens and works well with the 1.4 TC when the light is good.  It'll do 20fps in wide open mode, or can be set for slower fps if desired (5, 10 and 20 are selectable as I recall).  It has a mechanical shutter, but you'll only ever use it when shooting with a strobe.  The e-shutter is about 1/160 sec which is fast enough not to ever worry about and it also allows blackout free viewfinder.  If you need anti-flicker shooting, the a9ii has the feature whereas the a9 doesn't.

I've shot Sony for a long time and prefer it to Canon, but either will be an enormous update from your 7Dii.

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