D7000 Upgrade Options - Fuji X-T4/X-T? vs Nikon Z6 travel kit

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Re: D7000 Upgrade Options - Fuji X-T4/X-T? vs Nikon Z6 travel kit

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I've been out of photography recently other than random photoshoots for my family, but am planning to get back into it due to upcoming trips + trying to capture moments in general. I currently own a D7000 + 18-140mm, 50mm 1.8D, and a 55-300mm lenses, + an SB-700 flash.

I'm looking at upgrading to one of two things currently:

Refurbished Z6 + 24-200mm Z lens, and a 50 1.8 AF-S with FTZ Adapter, keeping the SB-700, Total cost around 2300ish + XQD/CFE nonsense(100?)


Fuji X-T4/T3+ 18-55mm f2.8 + 55-200mm + 35mm prime + a new third party flash. Total cost around 2400 as well.

I initially thought Nikon as the default easy pick, but find the fuji size very intriguing. Being able to buy a cheap fuji as a super tiny walkaround when I don't want to carry the larger camera sounds really nice, and the IQ seems good as well, along with the above camera's being good anyway. The downside is the larger kit, as Fuji has no decent all in one lenses.

My reasons to upgrade are: smaller size, small kit, better AF, and better IQ at high ISO and especially eye tracking because when I ask a stranger to take a photo of me and my family, or a family member wants to take a photo, they can't focus at all.

Additional info: I use off camera flash a lot, as well as wildlife/animal/zoo pics in general.

Thoughts on which to go with? I plan on selling the d7000 regardless.

I prefer full-frame so I would go with the Z6, or even better the Z5, you can get some pretty small lenses with Nikon.

Which pretty small lenses are currently available for Nikon z6/5 that doesn't include using an adapter? Which Z mount lens is anywhere near as small as the f2s (23,35,50) or the 16 f2.8

The NIKKOR Z 24-50mm is pretty small...

But if you really want to go with Fuji, I would go for the X-S10 instead of the X-T4 or the T3.

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