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Re: Indoor testing...

Bing Chow wrote:


I’ll reply to you on this thread about my indoor testing of my Rotation 50 because it’s more relevant here.

Life, work, and weather has not permitted me to go on a full day photo hike. So since I need to try the bag out, get exercise, and watch Netflix, I decided to kill 3 proverbial birds with one stone. For each session, I set the treadmill at 3.5mph, incline of 4%, and walk for an hour non-stop. I wear the same boots as I would outside. I’m progressively loading the bag, figuring out which torso setting is best, and making mental notes along the way. While I can’t simulate a lot of things indoors, I also never walk for an hour continuously, so my tests are more demanding in that respect.

Thanks for sharing your experience here!

That is a good way to test the pack, especially in this Corona period.

I’m up to 30lbs, 5 of which is a side-mounted tripod on my left where the water bottle pouch/hydration pocket is. Because of the rotation mechanism, there is no pocket on the right. This is a missed opportunity. They could have put a stretchy mesh pocket on the right side, above the rotation door, just for a 1L bottle. I can work around it, but that’s one my main beefs about this bag.

See what you mean, this 1 liter bottle would also work as a counter weight. Everything helps. Looking at the pictures of the Dan Carr review it's really strange why there is nothing on that side. Some sort of molle attachment points would have worked too.

The side strap doesn't look very strong, not ideal to attach a bottle to it and secure it by the daisy chain on the front.

I’ve done 4 sessions now, and I can say that I feel no pressure points. I’m 5’11” (180cm) and my torso is maybe 18.5”? I use the shortest torso setting. I can see shorter people struggling a bit here. I have a normal spine curvature so the bag sits in the small of my back if wear the hip straps higher that the hip bones. (My understanding is that is the proper way to wear it anyway.)

Yes it's the proper way, however for some people (like me) the waist belt lower at the hips is more comfortable. I'm not that tall, 182 cm, but my torso length is 21.5 inch. Good to hear that you need the shortest setting, there is a lot of room left for me

I can also say it doesn’t transfer as much weight to the hips as I would like. On an Osprey Stratos, I feel like that suspension takes 80% of the weight. The shoulder straps are used only to prevent the bag from falling backwards. If that’s the gold standard, then I don’t think any camera bag with a rear opening can match that. The 50L+ is maybe a 50/50 (or 60/40 at best) weight split between hip and shoulders. It’s not enough for real hiking, but adequate for my needs. This is why I’m interested in finding out my comfort limit. Below that, camera bags are worth the trade off. Above that, I need to go with a dedicated pack.

I plan to increase some combination of weight, speed, and incline. I got 6 more episodes of Season 3 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

A 50/50 weight split is good enough for a camera backpack (for me at least). My daypacks without waist belts are comfortable up to 15-16 lbs and I don't feel them at 13 lbs. Then, a 50L Rotation pack with an overall weight of 25 - 30 lbs would still be comfortable.

Your experiment sounds like a good way to find your comfort limit. And then you can enjoy the rotation system. In the past I had a lot of fun with the old Rotation 360. It was built like a tank but it also felt like a brick on your back so for longer hikes it was terrible. However the rotation system is brilliant. And I still use it in crowded environments because the camera is totally safe in it.

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