24mm and 50mm, or just 35mm?

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JohnnyLuddite wrote:


It's funny - I'm of a vintage where modern zooms weren't and primes were clearly better. And I get the discipline of having to move (a bit like playing squash!) that primes encourage. However - the zooms are so good that now the primes are for specific characteristics plus your preferences for subject/field of view.

That's an interesting point I'll need to remember and think about.

There are some zooms like Sigma 18-35/1.8 Art for DX that's better than primes at those focal lengths, then the workhorse f/2.8 zooms give acceptably close results for all practical purposes, and more like that.

The only complaint one can have is that they are heavy, large and expensive.

I'd recommend leaving a decent interval between the focal lengths of the primes, and there's no convincing choice for that - I'd just choose a lens I really liked for its characteristics and work out from there.

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