24mm and 50mm, or just 35mm?

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Re: 24mm and 50mm, or just 35mm?

My  personal preference is for  a 35mm because I started learning photography on a film rangefinder that had fixed 36mm lens. It just looks natural to me. I never got used to 50mm though lot of people love it.

I also struggled with anything wider than 35mm. Even with a 28mm, my subject placement was in weird positions and showed lot of perspective distortions. Over the  years I got used to 28mm FOV because when I use my 18-140 DX or sigma 18-35/1.8 Art on D7200, that is the widest angle.

I now use zooms a lot but always drift to that 24mm on DX and 35mm on FX. So, I would have bought a 35mm. On a hi-res camera with cropping possibility, I could also live with a 28mm. I don't know if that speaks to your preference.

I did similar search for a 35mm and/or 28mm prime that is light and small. I found that Nikon's AF-S f/1.8G version of 35, 28 and 20mm are the best compromise of IQ and weight, slightly over-priced, reasonably light, but not small (depending how small you  want).

I bought neither. I continue to use my zooms!

All  the best.

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