Minolta AF 50mm F/3.5 Macro Lens For Sony Minolta A-mount

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A mount lenses on E/FE bodies

Gesture wrote:

Anyone adapt one of these older school autofocus lenses to a mirrorless body. I think there are adapters that will open and close the aperture.

I use Minolta AF / Sony A lenses on Sony E/FE bodies regularly. They tend to be cheaper than other mount lenses and work well, although most are screw driven autofocus. I use the LA-EA1/3 for aperture control on screw-driven lenses, and LA-EA2/4 for aperture and autofocus. I also use manual A lenses on a dumb adapter on an LM-EA7 to do autofocus -- for example, my Samyang 85mm f/1.4.  All good.

Dumb adapters with (uncalibrated) manual aperture rings work, but why use 'em when I have the others?

BTW, the LA-EA5 doesn't make sense for me because I have A7RII and older. I also haven't (yet) bothered with the LA-EA4 mod that removes the SLT mirror.

I guess the Nikkor AF-D lenses would be somewhat similar, but with aperture stops.

Yup. Nikon lenses tended to retain the manual aperture ring. Nikon mount lenses tend to be priced higher than similar in other mounts, so I haven't bothered with many.

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