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Greg7579 wrote:

enigmatico wrote:

So, why use such a system? Because the files are clearly richer and contain more information than images I get from other cameras. The IQ is stunning.

This is the crux of the matter and the absolute truth. It is why the camera world is freaking out right now at the high end. It is why DPR melts down on so many Boards.

Does that mean you should buy GFX? Hell no. It is extremely expensive and FF will get you what you need.

But it won't get you what you want. And knowing GFX is out there creates that want.


Because it has stunningly superior image fidelity and everybody who shoots it sees it and knows.

What do you think about Foveon?

Personally, I think Foveon sensors completely blow even the largest full frame medium format out of the water when examined 1:1 at pixel level at base ISO for per pixel acuity and sharpness.

They have a couple of significant problems, that hold back the technology, however: poor noise handling as the ISO goes up even a little, weak dynamic range, and occasionally questionable colour.

Of course, in your frame of reference, the high resolution 25MP is nowhere near enough. But even so, a Merrill sensor image, properly done, simply offers the highest per pixel fidelity I've seen. Pinpoint sharpness that equals a full mono sensor, amazing edge rendition, complete absence of colour aliasing and no de-mosaic artefacts. The lack of artefacts leads to a huge enlargeability factor despite the low pixel count.

The GFX impresses because of its sheer size and beautiful rendering, and at pixel level it's excellent for a Bayer sensor, but it isn't as good as as low ISO Foveon. If you were to crop an equal sized section out of your favourite GFX and compared it at pixel level to a (ISO 100) Merrill, you might be surprised. Basically, everyone who looks carefully at a Foveon image at 1:1 is wowed by the incredible sharpness and lack of artefacts. You just have to look to see it (you see what I did there?).

it's debateable if the slightly larger than 35mm GFX sensor really has the medium format look, but there certainly is a Foveon look. If Sigma ever get the Full Frame Foveon into production,it might be time to dump your Fuji gear

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