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I understand your point. My first spend on a digital system was fairly modest with a Rebel Digital XTi and one lens. Five years later, and for next 8 or so years, I have a decent but not a heavy spend into Nikon system. I plan to use them as long as they work.

The next system I buy will probably be my last. The one thing I expect from it is satisfaction. So, I need to consider carefully.

If it means a used 50S with a 45mm prime, or even a Z body with a couple of primes, I am open to all possibilities and am not in a rush.


I own GFX 50R and most of the GFX primes at this point (also a former long time Canon DSLR user), and have been super happy with the system so far over the last couple of years. But even if I could only own 50R + GF 45 for the rest of my life it would still be enough to make me happy. That lens is my all time favorite and to me it was worth switching to GFX just to be able to shoot with it (I will eventually upgrade 50R to some new model down the road). I disagree with those who say it's not worth using GFX if you don't print big - I actually don't print at all but enjoy viewing those glorious files on my huge 43" 4K monitor - more than worth it to shoot MF just for that reason alone as far as I"m concerned. Some of the new FF cameras and lenses are amazing as well, but as far as purely IQ is concerned MF systems are still superior. Of course in most images it's hard to tell the difference, but that is true even if you shoot with high end mobile phones (for casual viewing). But for some of those very special once in a lifetime images (even if only capturing a handful of those every year) it is really worth it to have the best possible equipment - for me that also means always using GF primes over GF zooms.

Good post Tom. I agree with you on the printing big comment. That whole nonsense about how MF is only beneficial if you print big is ridiculous anti-MF FF marketing propaganda.

I totally disagree with you that on most images you can't tell the difference between MF and FF. There is a big difference and you can tell on every image. Not just some.


I'm not going to debate the image quality of MF with you this time, but if you think carefully about your comment above (bolded), there is more than a little irony here. You have basically stated that anyone who who doesn't see what you see is spreading anti-medium format propaganda.

Quite apart from this being pro MF propaganda in its own right, what about someone who (say) has an eyesight problem and maybe can't see subtle differences? A bit insulting or thoughtless a judgement on your part, IMO. Unless you can produce some objective evidence that everyone is lying, really the strongest you can legitimately claim is that MF looks so much better to you that you can't understand why anyone wouldn't agree with you.

I bet you Greg would not be able to pass the Pepsi challenge himself if he were faced with a number of photographs from FF and GFX.

Oh yes I would. Send an emissary with all the top cameras from SonCaNikon and Fuji. Take a series of shots at my direction. Then blind test me on a monitor of my choosing.

I will nail it on every shot. No need to print big.

Oh yeah? Let's negotiate the terms of the test.

Let's do it in Thailand at your place!  I want to come back so bad.....

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