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Re: Guessing the Canon R3 price is a complete coin flip now

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It's supposed to be slotted between the R5 and 1DX III, so it should be a lot less than $7000. $5000 seems about right.

That's a big hope, I think the article DP Review made on it is right, the R3 slots in between the R5 and R1, but that doesn't mean the R3 will be in-between those $3,900 and $6,600. It may be in-between $3,900 and $8,100. And that's a big gap.

Right !

We can suppose the R1 will be near $8000, and R3 between R5 and ... R1, not 1DX3 !

So I also think R3 could be $5500 or $6000 (I suppose nearer to 6000 than 5500 !)

If the R3 beats the A1 (maybe excepted 8K capabilities), Canon will have no qualms about pricing it at $6000 or more !!

The R3 is position against the A1 and sell for less than $6500 seems u nlikely to me. I thought the R5 would be more than the 5DIV and closer to $5000. I think at $3900 the R5 is a relative bargain with R6 being a bigger bargain. So $6000 for the R3 seems likely though I could seem want to claim superiority to the A1 while matching the $6500 USA MSRP.

I agree and the remark made by Tony Northrup could be true : if the R3 is cheaper than the A1,  one could conclude that the A1 is better than the R3 !

BUT, if the R3 has no 8K and a pixel count lower than the A1, maybe the price could be lower too... I think we'll not wait too long to know, the R3 is almost ready.

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