Help please regarding 1st Sigma Merrill camera

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Re: Help please regarding 1st Sigma Merrill camera

saltydogstudios wrote:

idomybest wrote:

That's great thank you to everyone who has responded, the information has been really useful I appreciate all the effort that has gone in to writing such helpful posts.

It seems like there are not many of these Merrill cameras about or users are keeping hold of them as the prices appear to be rising. It's a bit hard to know what to do as they are quite old so are more likely to break (even though as tagscuderia says they are very well made) and no-one seems to fix them anymore.

As Dryce, tagscuderia and Lukacs85 has indicated the DP0 Quattro is very good but not a Merrill in its build or keepers - it is a similar(ish) price more versatile and I get one new with a 2 year guarantee.

I guess the SD Quattro is the same sensor I do like the look of it and maybe I could use some of my manual Nikon f mount lenses with it - wish it was full frame though!

It was great to get such balanced views on the cameras strengths and weaknesses and mike earussi tips on the best lenses, info on the software from xpatUSA so thanks again to everyone for your help.

When I have decided what to do "I'll be back".......................

This forum is great! So many helpful people.

I own the dp2 Merrill, dp3 Merrill and dp3 Quattro (and also a pre-Merrill dp2). I sold the Quattro because it was "Bayer Like" in its rendering, but it has its own thing going on that I like, so I bought it again.

The Merrill is the "micro-contrast" beast - and it's arguable whether or not this is an "effect" or not.

The Quattro has a smoother rendering. IMO it's a bit more "filmic" than a Bayer sensor (less interpolation, especially in areas of low contrast such as strands of hair).

I have an extensive(ish) writeup of Bayer vs Merrill vs Quattro (vs. X-Trans) here:

IMO the "bayer blur" you get from the Quattro can be reduced considerably by also exporting a monochrome image from SPP and using it as a luminosity layer in Photoshop. Suddenly edges get sharp & it looks great in a "not Merrill microcontrast, but not Bayer blur either" way that to my eyes at least is the best of both worlds.

Personally - I'm interested in getting the sd Quattro H and a good zoom lens to use as a versatile carry around camera (the other option is to get the dp1 Merrill and carry all 3 Merrills around).

Thanks saltydogstudios, yes this is a  great forum and your post is really helpful as well! I really enjoyed your writeup of the different sensors and your tips for processing the Quattro files. The images were very good a real pleasure to see. Thank you.

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