Help please regarding 1st Sigma Merrill camera

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Re: Help please regarding 1st Sigma Merrill camera

rf-design wrote:

The Merrills and Quattros have different qualities and after some years i want to stay with both. The Merrills have less resolution for technical details but for nature i prefer them. Also the tonalality of red is significant different for the Merrills and the older, lower resolution sensors. The Quattro are surprisingly closer to the Bayers but i think it is because of the X3F color processing is different. I am unhappy that there is less control than in other RAW converters. With SPP i am not able to match Merrill and Quattro as with Nikon to Sony for instance.

The SD1M AF is unrealible. The AF modul below the mirror box is simply not performing good enough for the high resolution APS-C Merrils sensor. If you adjust, first time possible in a Sigma DSLR, you match for close but not for far with some lenses. Some other lenses ar ok with a single adjust. The built quality of the SD1M is the best of all DSLRs i got in my hand. But the functionality is basic, simply and useable.

The DP0 Quattro have the smallest and sharpest 21mm-FF-equivalent lens. At the corners it is better than the

Tokina Firin 2.0/20mm @ Sony A7M2

Sigma 4.0-5.6/12-24mm (last nonArt) @ Sony A7M2

Sigma 4.0-5.6/8-16mm @ SD Quattro

Samyang 2.0/12mm @ Sony Nex-6

To avoid a costly disappointment with Sigma cameras i suggest you to start with a SD Quattro around 500 with a cheap 1.4/30mm or a M42 lens with an adapter. If you see a quality in your result you are on a good path. If you are only in resolution and looking also for versatility a Sony A7R2 for about 1200 is less risky to buy and sell.

Thanks rf-design that is very helpful. I do like the look of the SD Quattro if I got one I would want to see if I could attach a nikon lens mount as I have several manual focus F mount lenses. I will have to see if it has focus peaking.

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