Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

nolten wrote:

I think we all agree that R is the future. I have no crystal ball, but it is a totally open question regarding APS-C in an R mount. No hints at APS-C specific R lenses. I see RP as the new Rebel, but full frame based. The M, G1X? Totally open questions. I see the FF R system and a few Sony sensored Powershots as a plausible Canon future. Time will tell.

Canon have shown they can produce cheap FF lenses, so the market for crop only lenses is now minimal. Probably only UWA, such as 10-XX would be needed. There may be a desire for the odd vlogging lens too, and maybe some interesting oddities.

If/When Canon do a crop R body it would be a great stepping stone camera for many, especially those with a lot of EF-S glass. This could be true for even a higher end model.

As I have already said, I for one would buy a high end circa £3k crop bodied R7, an R6 with a crop sensor and probably a few sports/wildlife specific features.

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