New Wildlife Set-up -- from 7D ii to Canon/Sony Mirrorless

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Re: New Wildlife Set-up -- from 7D ii to Canon/Sony Mirrorless

For what you are shooting, there isn't much point in getting an a9ii over an a9, they use the same sensor and they both have the same af capability. The a9 is currently selling with an EDU discount, it's an incredible bargain, pair it with the FE200-600. There are plenty of examples here:

The a9ii does have a solid advantage wrt the newer body design, while the a9 has problems with the half-press shutter actuation, I use it with BBAF, so that's not an issue.

On the other hand, your 100-400 lens is a nice piece of glass, it would be cheaper to use it with an r5/r6, but you won't have real-time display in the EVF, because you can only get that with stacked sensor cameras like the a9/a9ii/a1. You would however have better bird eyeaf with the r5/r6, vs. the a9/a9ii. The a1 has good bird eyeaf, but at $6500, it may not be an option.

i would not go with any DSLR at this point, it's essentially dead tech with no future. Canon has already stopped making many ef-mount lenses, and while Nikon hasn't yet announced it, they will be doing the same thing before too long. If you have to have a d500, getting a used body would be the way to go.

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