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Re: So What Will it Take

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Myer wrote:

A lot of this technical talk is over my head.

So my question is, what will it take to get an updated 7D Mark II, updated to current technology.

Or maybe the question is simpler with, what will it take to get a 7D Mark II updated with 90D technology.

And mirrorless, of course.

What would be missing?

What would be improved upon?

There were three generations of 1D and 1Ds bodies. The former was an APS-H body built for speed while the latter was a slower, high-resolution body built for the ultimate in resolution. With the 1DX, the line became exclusively full-frame; there was no successor to the APS-H line. Technology had caught up so that a dedicated smaller sensor body was no longer necessary.

I think the same is the case with the 7DII. It was (is) a great camera. But the time when an APS-C version is viable is likely -- in Canon's eyes -- over. There's plenty of speed in the full-frame R line. Even an R6 offers 12/20 fps, same as the pricey R5. The R3 will best them both. There's your replacement for your 7DII. Note: NOT A SUCCESSOR. A replacement. Just as the APS-H 1D series died without a successor, so does the 7DII.

My personal thoughts (as ALL of this is) is that the R3 will sell like hotcakes, even to shooters who don't need the insane speed. It will essentially be a "little R1". And the faster tech will trickle down to the next generations of lower models. Just a guess, of course. I have no crystal ball. I just don't see APS-C invading the R line.

Actually, there is currently no replacement for the 7D/2 in the R system.  One of the main reasons, and arguably the most important one, is the pixel density an APS-C sensor puts on the target.  That crop factor is very important to everyone that finds the 7D series so useful.  This makes long lenses much more effective for little penalty in IQ and makes post processing much more pleasant and less time/storage consuming.

Also, the R3 is going to be priced higher than the R5 which makes it a non-starter for nearly all 7D users.

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