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Re: Registering adapted lenses on GFX

Joe Moche wrote:

I am confused about what it means to register a lens on a GFX. I have a ton of adapted lenses, most of which have no electrical connection to the camera. Yesterday, I tried registering an ancient Minolta and then shot with it. When I look at the Exif data, there is nothing to see. I understand that the camera wouldn't know the f-stop without an electrical connection, but is there no way for the camera to use whichever registered lens is selected to include the focal length in the Exif? Or, does the lens registration system depend on an electrical connection? The manual doesn't really answer these questions. Thanks!

The only thing you can register (assuming no electrical connection at all) is focal length. This gets written into the EXIF data. There are six slots in the menu system you can fill with a focal length.

I mostly shoot with adapted lenses so I set it up so that this function comes up first when I press the menu button.

To get to the setting,

* Press menu

* Camera (3rd from top)

* ON the 2nd page of Camera, choose MOUNT ADAPTOR SETTING


* Go from there

Here's the menu page for the GFX 50R. Note that the Distortion Correction settings are not available on my camera (greyed out).

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