Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

nolten wrote:

You may be right, and I hope you are, especially about the stealth part. Canon has announced development of the R3, no equivalent announcements about anything related to APS-C. Canon Rumors, not Canon, has announced the cancellation of the 55-250 STM lens. To me, this is the seminal lens. Without this lens the EF-S and even EF-M mount cameras become just point and shoots. The cancellation list is pretty impressive and supports my theory. No announcements or rumors about M's future or replacement. I hope I'm wrong. My M6II, 90D, and 5D4 work together as a team sharing important lenses but serving different purposes. There is no cohesive kit on the horizon.

I agree that cancellation of so many EF/EF-S lenses affects the M line almost as much as the APS-C DSLRs.  Another tell for me is that as Canon has all but ceased APS-C DSLR development, they have done nothing new with the M system to pick up the slack and entice APS-C DSLR users to buy M cameras and lenses.  IMO, Canon likely mapped out where they were going with APS-C at least five years ago and maybe even earlier.  If they have known for years that APS-C would be consolidated in the R system then their negligence regarding the M system for many years makes a lot of sense.  They have little invested in the M system.  Also, the M users likely have little invested in the M system, relatively speaking, because there just isn't that much M gear to invest in.  However, any EF/EF-S lenses they have will migrate seamlessly to the R system.  In fact, the way Canon has developed the R system has been a nasty smack in the face to the M system.

Also, Nikon and Sony have an APS-C presence in their FF MILC mounts and this is another reason for Canon to do the same in the long term.  I could be wrong but I just don't see Canon abandoning APS-C altogether.  I also don't see Canon building the M system to be anything substantial or they would have started doing this when the R system launched.  This leaves APS-C to be done in the R system long term.  I see the R system as the complete successor to the EF system which includes the EF, EF-S AND EF-M mounts.  I think they will eventually kill off ALL EF based cameras, lenses and accessories.

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