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Re: R5 EVF

Bjorn74 wrote:

The ting you saw in the shop is probably because of the indoor lights. And you can’t see that with your bare eyes, but the fluorescent light is blinking with a frequency and the camera is capturing frames at a certain rate. And the ratio between the flickering and the FPS in camera will make the viewfinder more or less prone to blinking etc.

Some people here are also talking about that the EVF can also in some circumstances reduce the frame rate. This appears when the light is not sufficient. It’s a combination between what lens is used and the ambient light. People like to call it that the EVF has a stuttering feeling because frame rate drops and is not so smooth anymore.

I would say according to my own experience with my R5 that both of these extreme things are quite rare. The EVF is usually super smooth especially in its 120 FPS setting witch I always use. And the resolution of the EVF will maximise your vision so a higher resolution will not gain anything. At least with the size x0.76 that R5 uses.

Ditto what Bjorn said. When I got the R5 it was as a necessary "backup" to replace one of my 5DsR bodies. The EVF really had me concerned, but now that I've got a few thousand images through the R5, I grab it before the 5DsR and enjoy the relief to my eyes in darker conditions. Surprisingly, I really like it a lot now.

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