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Re: 35 GM AF ISSUES (with A7rii too?)

Hmmm, funny you should mention that. I put the 35GM on my A7rii this afternoon and had real problems with tracking. Even in good light - bright sun or bright/cloudy.

It would lock the object under the focus spot on a half shutter press but instantly skitter off to some random spot and expand a box there that often reached half the size of the scene (with heaven-knows-what in focus). The non-tracking AF modes were all good.

I thought I'd misremembered how good (bad) A7rii AF tracking was. It's been bolted into a studio macro rig for over a year while I used A7riv and A9 for AF togging. It's very easy to get used to the newer versions and assume everything works like that. So I didn't look any further into the issue - until I read your post.

I just tried a Zony 35/2.8 on the A7rii instead. It locked and tracked *much* better than it did with the 35GM earlier. So I checked the 35GM again, same settings, and guess what? It worked *much* better than this afternoon too!?! Sheesh!

So not much help as I couldn't reproduce the issue, sorry, but there could be a V1.0 bug (in the lens) affecting compatibility - it has happened before.

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