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Re: Basic questions - wannabe MF user

I'm not sure whether my thoughts on this will matter, but here I go.

I've had a sneaking lust for MF since giving up my Speed Graphic a few decades ago and embracing digital, but the cost/benefit ratio was just awful, and I still can't picture schlepping a MF system around all the time. I had a perfectly serviceable Yashicamat for the everyday carry, complementing the Graphic nicely. Digital for me meant looking for a single system for all purposes. It didn't work. At some point I realized that there are really just two occasions when I really want a camera;

1. when I'm deliberately setting out to take photos, and

2. the rest of the time.

These are really two separate things. Normal walk-around carry argues for something small, light, and convenient; and for my own satisfaction, with a useful array of manual controls. If I can set aperture and shutter speed and have a viewfinder, I'm satisfied.

For deliberate photo excursions, though, I want to emphasize quality above all.

No single system satisfies both. I've tried. Fuji X mount, or any other APS-C system, is pretty good, as is MFT, but both compromise in both directions. Once I mentally de-coupled the two needs, it gets easier, and the bargain basement price of GFX (comparatively) makes it do-able if I prune the "everyday carry" system aggressively. Sold most of my Fuji and MFT gear, replaced it with a GFX 50r, bought when they are including them in cereal boxes or whatever they do on the fairly frequent sales, the bargain 50mm, and a used 100-200 so far make me deliriously happy, although I kind of lust for the 30mm too. At the other end, my X100F, while not quite pocket sized, does good service as my everyday carry, fits in a belt pouch or small over-the-shoulder thing. Both have significant resale value, should the need arise, too.

All in, the cost was a bit more than the proceeds from flogging my other gear.

The truth is, on those occasions when I make a print, even my little TG5 can deliver the goods. Heck, I have made billboards with a D100. I'm really kidding myself about "needing" MF, but it makes me happy. It's cheaper than a convertible or girlfriend, and more acceptable to the wife than either. To the OP, I say, if you can manage it and it pleases you, then do it.

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